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OPorto Secrets

We know almost all the secrets of the 'unbeaten' city.

Oporto City

Live from ancient times to modernity, immerse yourself in the mystique of Porto.

Popular Saints

Did you know that the biggest tradicional party of popular saints happens in Porto?


Portugal owes its name to the city of Oporto. Come with us, we will tell you everything.

From the most hidden corner to the most unusual fact

We decided to mix the desire to satisfy the curiosity of those who visit the city of Porto with the local’s way of telling stories: thus was born the StoryTellers Tours project, in 2018. With the intention of exploring the beauty of Porto, looking at it with and through each visitor’s perspective, our concept came to life. From the most hidden corner to the most unusual fact, we intend to help breathe Porto with commented pedestrian circuits, into the Invicta’s sidewalk, down it’s streets and up it’s stairs. We combine History with stories, primordial elements that eternalize the city, convinced that this will be the best formula of exchange between tourists and the reality of Porto. We offer several urban perspectives that embrace the views and nurture the intellect of every type of traveler. Our only requirement is that you bring comfortable footwear; everything else, leave it with us.


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